I’m still here

I started this blog well over a year ago to try to discover a bit more about myself.  As I blogged, I was finally starting to see the person I was to become.  Apparently I was wrong… When I was younger, I used to look in the mirror and wonder what I would look like […]

Harry Potter Tag

1. What is your favourite book? Order of the Phoenix.  It was such an emotional roller coaster for me.  Harry gets to spend time with his family.  We get to see more of the wizarding world and a sense of the doom that is yet to come.  There is something about me that just loves the character Umbridge. […]

Sex After Dark

Boy from work and I uaed to hook up at the park. It was our routine.  We’d go get some drinks at a local hole-in-the-wall bar, then once the bar closed, I’d follow him to the park for a little fun.   It was always exciting with him. There was so much about our relationship that […]

Family Affair

It’s been six months since I’ve had any contact from my mother.   I don’t know where she is or what she’s been doing.  My family keeps asking me if I want to search for her.   To file a missing persons report or call around to her last known place of employment. But I don’t want […]


A child, sleeping in her bed feels safe in the Company of her teddy. Nothing can harm her so long as her bear is in her arms. That is how I feel when my body is tangled in yours. Our racing hearts slow until they are in sync. I feel loved and wanted; safe. You […]